In November 2011, a team traveled to Aguascalientes, Mexico, to help out at Dulce  Refugio. Dulce Refugio – a Sweet Refuge – is a Christian home for orphaned and foster children. Dulce Refugio has been operating since 2002; first in rented facilities and then in 2006, the municipality gave them land to build a home on.  By February 2010, the children and managers could move to their new facilities and it is currently home to 46 children.  Here the children discover God’s heart in the pages of His love letter – the Bible!  They learn about unconditional love, mercy and justice, equality before God, redemption from their sins, building others up with a servant’s heart and hands, and the communion of saints in the body of Christ.

Dulce Refugio is well known in the community through the efforts of Marce.  The local municipality places children in their care (despite earlier resistance because they were not Roman Catholic).  Also, the children have been able to receive educational bursaries for underprivileged children.  The majority of the food at the Home is donated by local businesses and restaurants and churches.

There are future plans for a school to be built on the property as well as a “transition home” for young adults where children over 18 could live for a few years with “mentor parents” who could prepare them to live on their own, teach personal finances, as well as guide post-secondary education choices and transitions into the working force.

Your support to this ministry can be given through their child sponsorship program which you can sign up for on If you are interested in putting a team together from your church, Faithworks is willing to help you prepare the team with educational and orientation material and meeting preparation. 

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